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Please ensure that your pet is either in a travel crate or on a leash before bringing them to their appointment.

Care Plans

My Pet Care Plans offer comprehensive preventive veterinary services and cost savings for owners of puppies, kittens, and adult dogs and cats - with cost savings for pet owners.

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Why consider a preventive care plan for your pet?

Affordable Care for Your Pet

'Bundling' a year's worth of preventive healthcare services and products means we can offer you a reduced price.

Easier to Manage Your Budget

Know what your exact monthly costs are for the preventive care we recommend with our plans.

Enjoy 10% Off Additional Services*

Save 10% on additional out-of-plan services when you sign up.
*Some exclusions may apply.

Get Continuous, Quality Vet Care

Our team gets to know your pet and that helps us to monitor their health and provide the care they need.

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We offer preventive care plans for all cats and dogs. For more details, click the plan that matches your pet.



Starting at$6200Per Month

Yearly Cost Starting at $744/Year

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My Pet Care Plan Preventive Care for Puppy, North Madison Animal Hospital

How do My Pet Care Plans work?

Our clients always want to put their pets' health above financial concerns. But as important as regular preventive care can be for your pet's health, it can still sometimes be difficult to manage these recurring expenses.

My Pet Care Plans 'bundle' all the preventive services that keep your pet healthy throughout the year into an easy monthly payment plan, helping you save money and manage your budget.

What is the difference between a My Pet Care Plan and pet insurance?

While both pet care plans and pet insurance help you manage the costs of your pet's veterinary care, the types of veterinary services they cover are different.

My Pet Care Plans include preventive care costs (things like vaccinations and routine exams), while Pet Insurance is designed to cover emergency services, accidents, or specific illnesses.

What is included in a My Pet Care Plan?

Our preventive My Pet Care Plans for kittens, cats, puppies and dogs in Jackson include the essentials for your pet to thrive.

My Pet Care Plans include annual wellness exams, core vaccinations, bloodwork, and heartworm testing. They will also include a fecal exam and a 12-month supply of flea, tick, and heartworm prevention medications.

Questions & Answers

Below are a few of the common questions clients ask about our My Pet Care Plans.

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