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Please ensure that your pet is either in a travel crate or on a leash before bringing them to their appointment.

What is Medical Pet Boarding?

What is Medical Pet Boarding?

If you have a pet that requires medical attention, medical pet boarding is the ideal choice. Our veterinarians in Jackson can provide you with all the necessary information about its benefits and when it becomes necessary.

What To Do With Your Pet When You Go Away

If you plan to be away from home, it's important to make sure your pet is well taken care of. Generally, there are three types of pet care: pet sitting, pet boarding, and medical pet boarding.

Hiring a Pet Sitter While You Are Gone

When you need someone to take care of your pet, think of a pet sitter as a babysitter for your furry friend instead of a human child. You can hire a professional pet sitter or ask a friend or family member to help out. The level of service provided by a pet sitter can vary. Their main responsibilities include checking on your pet regularly, ensuring they are fed and taken outside for bathroom breaks, and providing social playtime.

Pet Boarding For More Consistent Care

Pet boarding is a service allowing you to take care of your pets. You may be more familiar with the term "kennel." Nowadays, the quality of the service has significantly improved. Some locations only provide the basic necessities for your pets, while others are more like summer camps with a variety of activities to keep them entertained. There are even some facilities that resemble spas, where pets can be pampered to their heart's content. We recommend that pet owners do their research to ensure that the facility they choose meets their expectations.

Medical Pet Boarding If Your Pet Requires Veterinary Care

Medical pet boarding is similar to normal pet boarding with an added perk. Your pet will be supervised by our expert veterinarians and nurses, who will administer medications and watch over them closely. Any required medications will be administered to your pet on the same schedule they are used to at home.

When Does My Pet Need Medical Boarding?

Medical pet boarding is highly recommended for pets with pre-existing conditions, extremely young pets, and senior pets.

If your pet needs extra care or has existing medical conditions, medical boarding can be the ideal solution. A pet sitter or standard boarding facility may not be trained to administer medications, especially injections. With medical boarding, you'll have access to trained professionals who understand your pet's medical history and can administer medication and adjust dosages if necessary. Additionally, they know what symptoms to look out for based on your pet's medical condition and history.

Requirements for Medical Pet Boarding

Most regular pet boarding requires that the pet being boarded is vaccinated with a list of required vaccines. They will also state whether or not you are allowed to bring toys, bedding, or food for your pet. With most medical boarding, the rule still holds for the vaccination requirement but double-check with them to see what their policy for vaccination is for pets being medically boarded.

When it comes to medically boarding your pet, you should be aware that the policies on bringing toys and bedding from home may differ from regular boarding. Some locations may not allow it in order to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. It's important to double-check the specific policies on medical boarding at your chosen facility.

You will be expected to bring any medication your pets in currently prescribed, as well as your pet's food if it has been prescribed by a vet.

      Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. Please make an appointment with your vet for an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition.

      Is your pet in need of consistent veterinary care while you are away? Contact our vets in Jackson to see if our medical boarding facilities are right for you and your pet.

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