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Pet Emergencies: Exotics

Although we love cats and dogs, we know that there are other pets that can be of great importance to you. These pets include exotic animals like amphibians, reptiles, ferrets, chinchillas, and more. That's why we have an exotics veterinarian on hand to provide help for pet emergencies such as surgical services, exams, and other services to potentially save your pet's life.

At North Madison Animal Hospital serving Jackson, TN, we understand just how important it is to have an expert on hand to help treat your exotic pets. That's why we offer help throughout the week. If you feel your exotic pet is undergoing an emergency, call us to schedule an emergency appointment. 

Pet Emergencies: Exotics

What Are Pet Emergencies?

Although your lizard, birds, snakes, or others exotic pets might seem indestructible, on the contrary, your exotic pets can come face-to-face with pet emergencies at any time of day or night.

Pet emergencies can consist of medical emergencies, such as trouble laying eggs or getting rid of shedding skin. Other emergencies can include traumatic injuries such as cuts and abrasions, or even lost limbs. Whatever your pet emergency might be, it's crucial to get help from an exotic veterinarian. Your exotics veterinarian will determine the extent of your pet's emergency. You should bring them into our office if you notice any sign such as: 

  • Fatigue
  • Trouble eating
  • Vomiting
  • Bloody stools
  • Squinting
  • Inability to stay away
  • Trouble moving
  • Stuck eggs
  • Head tilt
  • Trouble breathing
  • Broken limbs such as wings

These symptoms can indicate your pet may be in need of emergency pet services.

Do You Have an Exotics Veterinarian on Hand?

Exotics veterinarians are specifically trained to handle issues affecting certain pets such as ferrets, snakes, birds, frogs and amphibians, chinchillas, sugar gliders, and guinea pigs, rabbits, and sometimes more. These exotic pets have different anatomies that require specialized treatment from a specifically trained exotics veterinarian.

An exotic veterinarian on at our animal hospital will conduct a physical exam and determine if your pet needs emergency services such as emergency surgical services (such as to repair limbs or remove cancerous growths), medical treatment, or if they need to be further examined by another type of exotics animal care specialist.

A veterinarian at our animal hospital will also help conduct diagnostics or bloodwork testing to determine if your pet is undergoing any other medical conditions or if they have a parasitic infection. These are just some of the many causes that could be contributing to your pets’ newfound symptoms.

Visit Us for Pet Emergencies and Surgical Services from an Exotics Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

Help protect your exotic pet's health and call us at (731) 664-6200 to schedule an appointment at North Madison Animal Hospital serving Jackson, TN.