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Pet Dental X-Ray

North Madison Animal Hospital is the premiere veterinarian in Jackson, TN. Our team of veterinarians is proud to offer comprehensive pet dental care. Whether you need a pet dental x-ray, a checkup, a cleaning, or something else, our veterinarians are here for you. Our services include pet oral surgery and dentistry because they are extremely important to your pet’s health. Our priority is to provide the best veterinary care in Jackson, helping your pet live a long and healthy life.


Importance of Pet Dental Health

Many pet owners neglect their pet’s teeth. This is not only bad for dental health but can lead to other health issues as well. Pets often dislike having teeth cleaned, making it tough for lots of owners to brush. But keeping healthy teeth and gums is vital to your pet’s overall bodily health.

Dental problems can escalate to cause problems eating or even contribute to other illnesses or infections. Pets may stop grooming themselves and have less energy. You may also notice a drop in their mood. Poor pet dental health can lead to pain, discomfort, swelling, and jaw immobility.

If a tooth becomes infected or impacted, your pet may need a tooth extraction. If left untreated, infected or impacted teeth can lead to other dental problems. Problems can even spread to the jaw, affecting your pet’s ability to open or close its mouth. Good dental health is key to preventing these issues.

Pet Dental X-Rays

There is no replacement for an x-ray when your pet experiences a dental issue. Our team can provide you with thorough x-rays to examine your pet’s dental health, diagnose conditions, and recommend the most effective treatment possible. Whether you need emergency x-ray insights, help diagnosing possible problems, or examination for overall health, we have your pet covered. 

Pet Oral Surgery

We offer numerous pet oral surgeries including tumor removal and tooth extraction. Our team also treats gingivitis, stomatitis, and periodontal disease. Before conducting any surgery, we consider your pet’s health and whether surgery is the best option. 

Sometimes, other therapeutic methods produce better results. Our team will consult with you about our recommendations for the best course of action for your pet. Rest assured, if surgery is deemed necessary for your pet’s health, our team has the training, skill, and experience to handle it.

Veterinarian in Jackson

At North Madison Animal Hospital, we have years of experience providing Jackson pet owners with reliable pet dental care. For more information on the pet dental services we offer or to schedule an appointment, call us at (731) 664-6200.