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General Medicine and Surgery

At North Madison Animal Hospital serving Jackson TN, we understand that your pets are part of your family. That is why we bring the same care and attention to your furry family members as we would our own during every visit. If you are looking for a veterinarian and comprehensive animal care in a home town setting, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about our veterinarian services.


Animal Dentistry

Your pet’s oral health is an important aspect of their overall wellbeing. Often, this aspect of pet health gets overlooked. At our facility, we offer full-service pet dentistry to keep your animals' oral health a top priority.


Another special branch of animal medicine is dermatology. Pets can suffer from several skin disorders and diseases. These problems can greatly decrease their quality of life and can often affect other aspects of their health as well. Our team is trained in animal dermatology and can help with your pet's special needs.

Geriatric Medicine

As our pets age their health needs can change dramatically. Geriatric animal medicine considers your pets’ quality of life so that they can have the fullest most healthy years possible.

Pain Management

When your pet hurts, you hurt as well. Our team is trained in pain management for animals and we understand how important it is for pets to live a pain free life. If your pet suffers from a pain condition, or is recovering from an injury, we can help by creating a pain management plan that suits your pet’s needs.

Small Mammals

We know every pet is not a cat or a dog. You can rest assured that our team is prepared to handle your small mammal needs. You can call our office to inquire about which types of small mammals we can treat.  

Avian and Exotics

In addition to small mammals, we also treat avian pets as well as some exotics. To find out if we can treat your avian or exotic pet, please contact our office. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

Pharmacy, Laboratory and Radiology

Our facility is a full-service animal hospital providing an on sight pharmacy, lab, and radiology services. You can rest assured that this is your one-stop for all your pets’ health needs.


No one wants their pet to have to undergo surgery, but it does happen sometimes. Our surgical facilities provide state of the art technology so that we can monitor the patient’s heart rate, oxygen level, and blood pressure during surgery. Your pet will be kept in a designated recovery area and kept warm and comfortable. Your pet will not be left alone during this time as a tech will stay with your pet during the recovery procedure.

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If you have any questions concerning our services, please call our staff at North Madison Animal Hospital serving Jackson TN. (731) 664-6200.