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Exotic Pet Care

Understanding Their Needs

Every pet deserves proper care, regardless of its species. Jackson Animal Clinic understands your unique pet's care and needs, and that is why we are at the forefront of ensuring that your exotic animal is in good health and able to live a happy life.

Jackson Animal Clinic in Jackson, TN, strives to provide excellent veterinary care for pets of all kinds. We offer quality services, and we tailor them to meet the unique needs of every animal that walks through our doors. We are committed to providing your pets with the best possible care at an affordable price, so you can feel good about the treatment they receive. 


Understanding the Needs of Exotic Pets

Animal lovers often feel that a hamster or a cat basically require the same type of care. While most pets have similar grooming and primary care needs, they also have unique requirements. It's why owners of exotic pets need to understand the specific requirements of their pets to care for them suitably and avoid issues. Some of these requirements include:

Habits and Behaviors

Since your exotic pet is removed from its natural habitat, it must have an appropriate habitat that suits its needs. The wrong habit can lead to a stressful pet, and we're sure you don't want that. Our veterinarian can help you make the right decision when choosing the best habitat for your pet.


Pet nutrition is not just about quantity. It's also about quality. It's essential to know the nutritional needs of each species that you are caring for. If you are feeding your pet a natural diet, you should be aware of the dietary needs and how they will affect veterinary care. Jackson Animal Clinic offers nutrition analysis for all our patients' exotic animals to ensure that we can provide them with healthy diets that will allow them to live happy and healthy lives.

Reproductive Needs

It is essential to understand what your exotic animal requires for reproduction to help them give birth and raise their young ones. Some animals may not be able to give birth without assistance. We're always here to ensure that the reproductive needs of exotic pets are catered to and that you receive education on caring for any new babies.

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Jackson Animal Clinic in Jackson, TN, is a full-service veterinary practice committed to providing exceptional pet care. If you are looking for veterinary assistance for your exotic pet, talk to our veterinarian, and we'll work together for the optimal health of your pet. Call (731) 664-6200 to book an appointment.