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Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery at North Madison Animal Hospital in Jackson

North Madison Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, wants you and your pet to enjoy a long, healthy life together.  As your go-to veterinarian in the Jackson, TN area, we provide the full range of services for routine and preventative care as well as emergency treatments like surgery.  We also want to encourage pet parents to consider other aspects of animal health like dentistry, oral surgery, nutrition, and dermatology, which matter more than many people think.


Care of your pet’s teeth can often fall by the wayside in the scope of overall care for your furry family member.  Most pets will not tolerate teeth brushing or cleaning very well, and fighting this battle along with their animals’ routine care rarely fits into busy pet parent lives anyway.  We need to consider, however, how central and vital regular meals and good nutrition are to pet health.  When dental problems make eating painful and animals start skipping meals, this quickly escalates into a very serious issue.

Tumor Removal

Masses and growths do come with the alarming possibility of very serious causes like cancer, or they can be a benign effect of drainage issues, swelling, or cysts.  As with all cases that come into a veterinarian’s office, the pet’s quality of life remains the top priority.  Designing a treatment plan specific to each case requires a thorough examination with an experienced veterinarian.  Your pet’s overall health and history should be taken into account in deciding whether surgery or some other therapy would produce the best outcome and allow your pet to get back to normal life.  If the mass is cancerous, the stage of development and extent of its spread will be determined via diagnostic testing.

Tooth Extraction

If a tooth becomes diseased or impacted, it should be removed or it can prompt compounding problems like bone cysts, tooth loss or crowding, or compromising the overall health of the jaw.  Extraction is performed while the pet is sedated, pulling back the gum tissue and cutting into the bone to work with the tooth and its root.

Stomatitis, Gingivitis, and Periodontal Disease

Problems under this heading deal with swelling of the gums, which causes acute pain in the animal and typically leads to refusal to eat and groom themselves.  Stomatitis is unfortunately somewhat common in cats, affecting up to 4% of the population and spreading by viral or bacterial vectors.  Look for bright pink or red swollen gums, weight loss, pawing at the mouth, and bad breath. 

Periodontal disease causes a similar swelling response in the gums from bacteria in plaque buildup.  Medications like antibiotics and steroids may keep things under control for a period of time, but your veterinarian will need to evaluate the specific case in deciding whether this is the right route. 

Be proactive with your pet’s health.  Contact North Madison Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN for a pet exam and teeth cleaning today!