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Boarding and Medical Boarding

Pet Boarding, Medical Boarding, and Daycare

At North Madison Animal Hospital we offer expertly supervised pet boarding, medical boarding, and daycare for our clients in Jackson, TN. Our veterinarians and dedicated staff will provide your pets with the very best possible care.



When you need to be away and you want expert, quality care for your pet, our boarding services have you covered. Our trained staff offers loving pet care giving you peace of mind that your furry family member is in good hands. We will feed your pet with food that you provide or we can provide it for you. You will be able to bring along your pet’s favorite toys giving it the sense of home. 

Medical Boarding

After surgery or a medical procedure, your pet's safety and comfort are our priorities. Our compassionate staff is here to monitor, comfort, and treat your pet as it recovers and gains strength. The best place for your pet to recover is with our veterinarians where we can ensure they recover comfortably and quickly.


Consider our daycare option when you need to have your pet treated or have a routine checkup. The convenience of dropping your pet off for the day instead of having to disrupt your busy daily schedule to make your appointment on time is a valuable time-saver. You can then pick up your pet at the end of the day knowing they have been loved, cared for, and the appointment has been taken care of. Whether it is an annual wellness checkup, a dental cleaning, or minor day surgery, you can rest assured your pet is in loving, capable hands.

What To Bring

When you drop off your pet, remember to bring a favorite toy, labeled medications, food and treats (optional), and any specific information you would like our staff to know while they are caring for your pet. You can access our Boarding Form which you can complete before you arrive helping the drop-off transition go smoothly.

Reserve Your Boarding Spot Today

Reservations are highly recommended for boarding and daycare. For medical boarding, your reservation will be made at the time that your surgery is scheduled. When your pet needs medical treatment, you need to be out of town, or you are simply struggling with pet daycare, call us at (731) 664-6200. Our veterinarians and dedicated staff at North Madison Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, is here to help make your pet’s stay as easy as possible.