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About Us - Your Jackson, TN, Veterinarian

We do it all

At North Madison Animal Hospital, we are a full-service facility. We provide medical care, dental care, and boarding for all your pets, whether they’re traditional or exotic pets. We care for mammals, reptiles, and avians alike. Our medical care includes preventive, general, internal, dermatological, and surgical care. That means we can do an annual physical for your pet, treat his rashes or allergies, diagnose and treat organ or system issues,  perform surgeries, and supervise recovery. We also have our own laboratory and radiology departments. We also provide comprehensive care for older animals, and assistance in developing the best diet to help your pet lose weight or to help control chronic conditions.

Exotic animals

Our Jackson, TN, veterinary practice includes an exotic animal doctor. This exotic animal doctor can provide information about the basic care for various exotic animals, as well as perform pet wellness checkups, diagnose illness, and treat these exotic animals. While many of our competitors see exotic animals as a special circumstance, we categorize the visits of most species as routine. The only animals we won't see are wildlife, primates, pot-bellied pigs, and venomous snakes. 


We also provide short-term and extended stay boarding for your animals. You may board your animal to make medical treatment easier or if you need a place for your animal to stay while you are away. During the time your pets are with us, we provide daily medical checks, administer needed medicines, and handle any emergencies that may occur. We board pets with any medical condition.


At North Madison Animal Hospital, we understand that you need to balance good care of your pet and your busy schedule. For this reason, we offer two convenient online services. Our pet portal is a private, interactive web service that helps you manage your pet's care. You can view your pet's records, request refills and appointments, and communicate with your veterinarian via the pet portal.  You can also receive reminders of appointments, vaccinations, and prescription refills.

Our online pharmacy allows you to easily order prescription drugs or food for your pet. The online pharmacy also allows you to order supplements and specialty products, as well as providing tools to help you manage your pet's behavior. 


Take a virtual tour and acquaint yourself with each veterinarian on our team. Then give us a call to schedule your pet's first visit to your Jackson, TN,  veterinarian.