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Surgical Services for Exotics, Avian & Pocket Pets

For pet parents in Jackson, TN, in need of avian care, pet pocket care, and other exotic animals, our expert staff at North Madison Animal Hospital offers a variety of services. From start to finish, our experienced team provides one-on-one attentive care- starting with initial wellness examinations and pet diagnostics to determine health issues and moving onto general and dental surgery when needed.

Surgical Services for Exotics, Avian & Pocket Pets

North Madison Animal Hospital 

At North Madison Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, we focus on providing quality health care supported by ongoing wellness checkups and in-depth pet diagnostics to determine any health problems. Once a wellness check is performed, our vet can then provide information on general health care and nutritional needs and prescribe any medications that may be needed to promote or maintain your pet's health.

Our Services

We provide general and internal medical care, address allergies and dermatological issues, and when necessary, provide general and dental surgery. 

While our team takes care of the health needs of dogs and cats, and assorted mammals, our specially trained team of technicians and our exotics veterinarian also provides avian care and pet pocket care. 

For convenience, use our online pharmacy to order assorted food and treat products and flea, tick, and heartworm preventative medicines. 

Exotic Pets Health Care

We offer routine care for a variety of exotic pets. Along with birds and pet pocket animals, we also provide care for non-venomous snakes, lizards, turtles, sugar gliders, and tortoises.

Our services also include traditional surgical procedures. These surgeries are provided for small mammals, reptiles, and birds, and include procedures, such as soft tissue surgery, spaying and neutering, and orthopedic surgery. 

Prior to a surgical procedure, pets receive anesthesia using specialized equipment. Throughout the procedure, the pet's vital signs are continuously monitored. Once the surgery is completed, additional steps are taken to support recovery.

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For pet owners living in Jackson or in a neighboring community, our team of professionals at North Madison Animal Hospital in Jackson, TN, have your pet's health and well-being as a priority. Whether it is a first-time wellness check or an annual checkup, we are here to provide pet care. Contact us by phone Monday through Saturday or by filling out our online form to schedule an appointment. Call us for our exotics veterinarian at (731) 664-6200.